What Is ProcureBox ?

Procure Box is an application that bridges the gap between gas distributor and big giant consumers i.e. Domino's, KFC and many others that requires number of cylinders. With the leverage of Procure Box application, the consumers can painlessly book the gas cylinders in a very easy and quick way. Adjacently, the consumers, as well as gas distributor, can also view the present status of their gas cylinders booking and can track where the cylinder has reached. Besides it the invoice of bills of payment can also be generated through the access of application. With the ease of online platform via application, the manual process that takes 52 hours to get complete can easily be done in 20 seconds. Hence, we can say that it is a smart solution for the consumers to hassle-freely book and track their gas cylinders delivery. Being a customized application the customers can easily do the payment through Net-banking and other enhanced features of payment. Thus, through this system, the transparency between the consumers and IOCL gas distributor can be highly maintained.